How to raise testosterone

Why is testosterone so low now? We’ve discovered that the light of your computer screen is crushing your testosterone by killing your dopamine neurons. Computer screen light is the key thing holding your testosterone down.


  • The light from your computer screen shoots into your eye.
  • Your eye is the most sensitive path into the brain. The computer light enters deep into your brain and kills your dopamine neurons.
  • Low dopamine means no energy and no motivation, and your body stops producing high testosterone. Dopamine raises testosterone. No dopamine = no testosterone.

Computer screens kill dopamine because they transmit rapidly flashing LED light into your brain. (Detailed science is further down this page)

How do we fix this? The only full solution is an E-Ink Screen.

E-Ink screens are computer screens that produce no light at all. That’s the key reason E-Ink screens make your dopamine stay high, no LED light glaring into your eye and brain. E-Ink screens are just like a sheet of paper. You’ve probably seen them on E-Readers like the Kindle. That technology is now available for computers too.

E-Ink is the only real way to stop your computer from wrecking your dopamine and your testosterone because there is zero harmful LED light entering your eye like on a normal computer screen.

Here’s the best E-Ink screen I know:

DASUNG E-Ink Paper Like 3 HD Front-Light Touch 13.3″ Monitor – Silver

It plugs right in with an HDMI cable. Turn off your old LED screen and use your E-Ink screen and you’ve stopped the flood of dopamine-destroying LED computer light shooting straight into your brain. Your brain can go back to normal and produce high dopamine and high testosterone. That means energy, focus, and motivation. E-Ink screens raise testosterone.

You won’t believe the difference an E-Ink screen makes. It’s by far the most valuable change I’ve ever made for my health and energy.

You can also get an E-Ink tablet (like a normal Android tablet, but it’s E-Ink instead of that glaring LED light). I think the E-Ink monitor will be more useful though, because you can do your office job on it.

Your TV and your phone are also dopamine destroying LED screens – if you have to watch TV (you don’t) then watch it through your E-Ink monitor. LED screen TV’s kill testosterone because of that dopamine wrecking light they produce.

Raising testosterone with natural light

The most important thing for dopamine and testosterone is to STOP the flood of LED computer and TV screen junk light. That’ll take you from 400 ng/dl testosterone (way too low) to 550 ng/dl (not bad!)

But the next most important thing is to get natural light from the sky and the sun. That takes you the next step in raising testosterone, from 550 ng/dl testosterone to 700 ng/dl (now we’re talking!)

Natural light raises dopamine and testosterone. Remember how the eye is the sensitive pathway into the brain? That’s why computer light is so bad for you, but it’s also why natural light from the sky and sun is so good for you. Your eye was designed to have natural light coming into it and going right into your brain where it produces dopamine and that dopamine produces testosterone. That’s how you get serious energy and motivation, naturally.

This is the key to restoring your body and brain to the way they are designed to work in nature. It’s a million times better than TRT or other weird interventions. TRT makes you go bald (because it lowers epitestosterone – barely anyone will tell you that).

The natural light protocol has three parts:

  • Good bright daylight in the morning after waking up. Morning light is a key signal to your brain that aligns your whole body with the natural system.
  • A minimum of two hours bright, outdoor light per day. Put yourself right by a window if you need to be inside. And get outside as much as you can. Two hours is a minimum – that’s the cutoff before dopamine lowers in your eyeball (which causes nearsighted bad vision). More hours are better. Follow what feels good to you. You’ll probably feel like spending about half the day outside and half the day in more shady cool zones. That’s great – follow your instincts.
  • At least an hour before bed should be in red or orange-tinted light and not super bright, or even darkness. I like a candle, firelight, the sunset, and incandescent light bulbs (in place of LED light bulbs). These have the right color wavelengths to get you ready for bed. They are also steady lights that don’t rapidly flicker, so they let your brain relax.

And once again: Eliminate the LED computer/TV screen light. It’s killing your dopamine and your testosterone (and other hormones too, and it’s just as bad, maybe worse, for women and children too). Eliminate those bright screens and replace with E-Ink if you must have a screen.

Why does this raise testosterone and dopamine?

All your body is regulated by your mind. To do that, neurotransmitters in your brain are critical. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. Dopamine is essential to energizing and focusing your body and brain. Parkinson’s Disease is what happens when dopamine function fully declines. Dopamine is the key to focus, motivation, and stopping procrastination. (If you suffer from that, you may have low dopamine.)

Testosterone is produced when the brain calls for it. The  brain and the glands can tell your body to produce as much testosterone as they want. They could produce testosterone levels only seen in steroid users if they wanted to.

Excess amounts of the hormone Prolactin are absolutely death for your testosterone. Dopamine directly stops Prolactin. By stopping Prolactin, Dopamine greatly increases Testosterone.

Giving a dopamine agonist (an increaser of dopamine) to patients with excess prolactin lowered their prolactin from 1761 mU/L (way too high) to 210 mU/L (normal) and raised their testosterone from 214 ng/dl (extremely low) to 496 ng/dl (a lot better!) – and these guys were hemodialysis patients so they weren’t doing too well, otherwise their testosterone would be a lot higher. (source)

Another group of men with low testosterone were given a dopamine agonist. Every one of the low testosterone men achieved normal testosterone, and those with high prolactin (most of them) achieved normal prolactin. (source)

Dopamine also opposes the inappropriate excess of stress hormones like cortisol, which are potent at crushing testosterone. Cows injected with a dopamine antagonist (blocks dopamine) had their prolactin rise from 14 ng/ml to 103 ng/ml and their cortisol rose from ~7 ng/ml to ~20 ng/ml. (source) When dopamine is blocked, both prolactin and cortisol rise high. Both prolactin and cortisol lower testosterone a lot.

One researcher got 1500+ ng/dl testosterone without injecting steroids, TRT, or anything. (source) He increased dopamine by stopping his excess production of brain chemicals that block dopamine. He got literally off-the-charts testosterone. He did this with a special ratio of the natural amino acids BCAAs+Tyrosine+Sunlight and Vitamin E, among a few other things. I don’t advise doing this protocol (and he himself didn’t advise it either) as it is much better to get the brain thriving naturally, the way it wants to! You do that by giving the brain the environment it’s meant to thrive in. That means getting the input of Light right. Hunter-gatherers living outside in the sun without computer screens consistently average 900 ng/dl testosterone. Quite a few of them are over 1500 ng/dl testosterone. A few are over 2000 ng/dl. (Source)

Unnatural light entering the brain hurts dopamine. This study on rats showed that florescent light reaches right into the brain and kills your dopamine neurons. But near-infrared light improves the dopamine neurons. (Source) There’s basically zero near-infrared light in LED computer screen light, but there are huge amounts of near-infrared light in sunlight.

Outdoor light increases dopamine in the eye. This actually has told scientists the cause of near-sightedness! Dopamine keeps the eye the right shape. Without enough light, there isn’t enough dopamine, and the eye goes the wrong shape, producing near-sightedness. Following this research, Taiwan has commanded its schools to provide 2 hours of outside time per day for the kids. Taiwan had a cataclysmic increase of nearsightedness up to 90% of the population until they just recently started to let the kids spend at least two hours outside. Doing this has finally begun to reverse their nearsighted epidemic. (source) That is the power of dopamine and the sunlight!

Parkinson’s Disease is strongly related to a loss of dopamine. Those who spend lots of time outside have a lower risk of getting Parkinson’s. (source)

Computer workers have a 1.31x higher risk of dying from Parkinson’s than the average, while construction workers (who are outside a lot) have a below average risk of Parkinson’s death, 17% lower than the average. Putting it another way, computer workers have a 58% higher risk of dying from Parkinson’s than construction workers do. Transportation workers, which I guess mostly means truck drivers, also have similarly low risk of Parkinson’s, even slightly lower than the construction workers. They are looking out at the outdoors most of the day while driving the truck. (source)

The US and Canada have had an increase in Parkinson’s from ~40,000 in 1990 to ~75,000 in 2010 to ~165,000 in 2019. You can see that not only has it risen a lot, but the rise in Parkinson’s accelerated greatly after 2010, approximately when LED lit screens (LCD screens) were introduced. (CRT screens were before that and I don’t think they were good either, but maybe not as bad) Meanwhile the “undeveloped” parts of the world like Sub-Saharan Africa have barely any Parkinson’s. These places currently average under 5000 compared to our 165,000. And East Asia, the places where they get so little outdoor light that 90% need to wear glasses, has the very highest rates of Parkinson’s too. (source)

Testosterone levels in most parts of the world have dropped from at least 1980 to the current day. However, in the US, testosterone didn’t drop at an even rate. In 1988-1991, testosterone was ~540 ng/dl in the US. It had dropped from a higher number before that, but 540 is still adequate. Then, when measured again in 2003-2004, testosterone was still 540 ng/dl. Still not bad! However, when they measured testosterone in 2011-2012, it was 440 ng/dl, which is not good at all. That’s a sudden drop from pretty good to pretty bad. So testosterone in the US stayed about the same for 14 years, but then dropped hard somewhere between 2004 and 2011. I don’t think there were major diet changes during this time. But what did change was the introduction of LED backlit screens in TV’s and computers. Before that, we used CRT screens which are probably not quite as bad.

The testosterone trend in the USA from 1960 to 2023

What about testosterone by occupation? Computer workers average 413 ng/dl testosterone in the US in 2013-2014. Not even one of them got any higher than the 600’s ng/dl. But the transportation workers (I assume truck drivers) averaged 505 ng/dl testosterone. Truck drivers of course are looking outside most of the day.  Three of them were over 1000 ng/dl. Construction workers were 467 ng/dl, which is higher than the computer workers, but still not very good. I’m guessing their lowish testosterone is partly due to the chemical fumes they are exposed to. (you may notice that agriculture workers are low on the chart too – surely it’s the pesticides.)

So avoid artificial light and get natural light so your dopamine stays high and your testosterone is naturally good!

You should also avoid chemicals like pesticides, synthetic fabrics like polyester underwear, and bad food ingredients like degraded deep-frying oil (almost every restaurant is bad on this) and emulsifiers like guar gum and carrageenan. Also make sure to get good deep sleep, an abundance of nutrition, and to avoid excess over-exercise but still move around a lot. These are all very important things for testosterone as well.

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