Does PUFA lower testosterone?

I found testosterone data for many of the countries in the world, and I correlated this with total PUFA consumption for those countries.

Low testosterone countries have high PUFA diets

There seems to be a strong correlation. High PUFA countries have less testosterone.

This is Omega 3 and Omega 6 PUFA combined. Most countries with high Omega 6 diets had low testosterone, but I saw several that had low Omega 6 diets and still had low testosterone. But what many of these countries did have was high Omega 3 diets. This suggests that Omega 3 is linked to low testosterone too, not just Omega 6.

Another study found a correlation between the ratio of PUFA to Saturated Fat in a person’s diet and their testosterone.

High PUFA diet correlates with lower testosterone

Chart adapted from here (link). As you can see, lots of PUFA but not much saturated fat means low testosterone, according to this study. The more PUFA, the lower the testosterone.

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This is my first draft. I plan to post the raw data here, and to improve the “PUFA in diet” scale on the chart of the countries, which in the current version is not done very well (mixed units, and no units visible on the chart). I’m getting the PUFA data from this study. (Link)

Check back for updates! Also take a look at our other articles about testosterone, listed on our homepage.


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