Testosterone levels in Azerbaijan

In Baku, Azerbaijan, the average man’s testosterone is 694 ng/dl.

Is Azerbaijan experiencing testosterone decline like the rest of the world’s countries?

The average testosterone level has dropped in many countries in the world. Azerbaijan seems to be “immune” to this drop in testosterone, however. This is pretty interesting.In fact, Baku, Azerbaijan apparently had a testosterone level of only 440 ng/dl in 1989, according to Ibragimov et al. So testosterone has apparently gone up a lot, making Azerbaijan one of only a few countries where this has happened. (We are not aware of the age range of the Ibragimov study, so we haven’t age-corrected it.)

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More info about testosterone levels around the world

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Endocrine disruptors, bad diet, and stress will all harmfully lower testosterone
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Sources and Methods

Our methods and source data for researching this article are available as well.

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