Testosterone levels in Belgium

In the land of Belgium around 2008, the average man’s testosterone was 561 ng/dl.

Is testosterone in Belgium lower than the testosterone levels in other places in the world?

Testosterone is decreasing in many places around the world. (We think that the blame can be placed on chemicals called endocrine disruptors and seed oil in the diet) Belgium has had some decrease in testosterone like many other places. However, they’ve still maintained pretty good testosterone levels, and their current level isn’t as bad as most other places. So that’s good! If you’d like to know more, please see the article on this site about how testosterone has fallen.

Testosterone levels in Belgium

All our data on Belgium

We got the 561 number for Belgium by averaging the last two most recent datapoints. You can see all the raw data in our spreadsheet here.

Want to know more?

See our data on testosterone in many other countries. We can also help you find info to get your own testosterone up, if you need help with that.

Endocrine disruptors, bad diet, and stress will all harmfully lower testosterone
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How we got this data

And you can check here to see our methods and source data for researching this article.

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