Testosterone levels in Finland

The typical man in Finland has a testosterone level of 375 ng/dl, after 2000.

Testosterone levels in Helsinki versus Oulu

It’s not clear if this is still true today, but in the early 80’s, testosterone in Helsinki apparently was almost double the testosterone in Oulu, Finland. (Huhtaniemi et al., 1982).

How does Finland’s testosterone level relate to the rest of the world?

Much of the world is undergoing a disturbing, mysterious drop in testosterone for several decades now. Finland is no exception. The testosterone drop is more or less the same as the decrease seen in the rest of the world. Finland used to have high testosterone though; it was 740 ng/dl in Helsinki in 1971. (source)

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Take a look at our research on testosterone levels in many other places. We also have info on how to improve your testosterone levels, if that’s something you need.

Endocrine disruptors, bad diet, and stress will all harmfully lower testosterone
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Our methods and data sources

Our methods and source data for researching this article are available as well.

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