Testosterone levels in India

Here’s India’s average male testosterone levels, post 2000. It is 525 ng/dl.

Testosterone levels in India are 525 ng/dl. By Indian city, testosterone is 565 in Rohtak, 371 in Kanpur, 649 in Gangtok, 552 in Guwahati, 450 in Kolkata, 511 in Hyderabad, and 626 in Gujarat.


Testosterone levels in each Indian city

  • 649 in Gangtok
  • 626 in Gujarat
  • 565 in Rohtak
  • 552 in Guwahati
  • 511 in Hyderabad
  • 450 in Kolkata
  • 371 in Kanpur

Are testosterone levels in India dropping?

Unfortunately, testosterone levels in India have dropped somewhat, like most of the world.

Testosterone in other parts of the world

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Endocrine disruptors, bad diet, and stress will all harmfully lower testosterone
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