Testosterone levels in Italy

The average man in Italy has testosterone of 556 ng/dl, after 2000.

Testosterone levels across Italy.

Testosterone levels are higher in some areas in Italy than other parts

The study is not clear, but it may be that Sicily has lower testosterone than other parts of Italy.

In Italy are they going through the drop in testosterone like the rest of the world?

Testosterone has fallen all around the world. Italy might be partially “immune” to this drop in testosterone, however. This is pretty interesting. Take a look at our article on testosterone levels in different parts of the world, for more details. Italy doesn’t have an extremely high testosterone level by the standards of a few decades ago, but nowadays Italy’s testosterone is quite high compared to much of the rest of the world.

Get the details

Take a look at our research on testosterone levels in many other places. We also have info on how to improve your testosterone levels, if you need to do that.

Endocrine disruptors, bad diet, and stress will all harmfully lower testosterone
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Methods and sources

Our methods and source data for researching this article are available as well.

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