Testosterone levels in Norway

In the country of Norway after 2000, the average testosterone levels are 443 ng/dl. However, none of our Norway data is very high quality, so this may not be too accurate.

The average testosterone in northern Norway compared to what they have in southern Norway

At one time, testosterone in Tromso, near the arctic circle, was only 350 ng/dl, while at the same time in Oslo, a lot further south, testosterone was 398 ng/dl. (Both numbers are quite low though)

Is Norway suffering from testosterone decline like most of the other parts of the world?

There’s a strange decrease in testosterone in many of the world’s countries, over the last two or three generations. Norway is having this fall in testosterone, sadly, as their testosterone used to be high, it appears. But, what they are going through is quite a lot like the rest of the world’s drop.

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Endocrine disruptors, bad diet, and stress will all harmfully lower testosterone
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Methods and sources

And you can check here to see our methods and source data for researching this article.

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