Testosterone levels in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the average male testosterone level, post 2000, is 576 ng/dl.

In Pakistan, the average male testosterone level is 576 ng/dl. Testosterone is 893 in Peshawar, 709 in Rawalpindi, 567 in South Punjab, 417 in Karachi, 369 in Jamshoro.


Testosterone levels in each Pakistani area

  • 893 in Peshawar
  • 709 in Rawalpindi
  • 567 in “South Punjab” (this was the region name mentioned in the study)
  • 417 in Karachi
  • 369 in Jamshoro

Testosterone levels in Southern Pakistan versus Northern Pakistan

Interestingly, testosterone levels are very high in Peshawar and Rawalpindi, which are both in the northern half of Pakistan. It seems that testosterone has even risen in this area, as there was a 540 ng/dl testosterone result from Peshawar in 1990.

Unfortunately, in Karachi and Jamshoro, both in the southern part of Pakistan, testosterone levels seem to have dropped. Looking at one city, testosterone has dropped from a good high level of 740 ng/dl in Karachi in 1993, to 417 ng/dl in Karachi in 2010-2011.

What’s testosterone like in the rest of the world?

We’re not sure what is making testosterone drop in southern Pakistan, but not in northern Pakistan. However, testosterone has dropped just like this in most parts of the world. The interesting thing is that northern Pakistan appears to be “immune” to whatever is causing this worldwide drop. You can see our article on testosterone levels around the world, for more information.

Has your testosterone dropped?

If you’d like info on what lowers testosterone and potentially how to actually raise it back up, you can try our guide to raising testosterone.

Endocrine disruptors, bad diet, and stress will all harmfully lower testosterone
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And you can check here to see our methods and source data for researching this article.

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