Testosterone levels in Russia

In the part of Russia that is in Europe, testosterone is 486 ng/dl on average. In the part of Russia that is in Asia, testosterone is 619 ng/dl on average. Russia is so big that we split the data in half, since it made no sense at all to average together results from a country that extends across two continents.

Testosterone levels across Russia.

Testosterone in Siberia

  • Chita – 905
  • Novosibirsk – 537

Testosterone in the Ural District

  • Kurgan – 754
  • Uchaly – 621
  • Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug – 494

Testosterone in the Russian Far East

  • Yakutsk – 719
  • Khabarovsk – 664
  • Vladivostok – 516
  • Mirny – 476

Testosterone in the North Caucasus District

  • Stavropol – 717

Testosterone in the Southern Russia District

  • Rostov – 580

Testosterone in Northwestern Russia

  • Murmansk – 593
  • Petrozavodsk – 506
  • Nelmin-Nos, Nenets Autonomous Okrug – 501
  • Nes, Nenets Autonomous Okrug – 470
  • Vologda – 454
  • Arkhangelsk – 432

Testosterone in Central Russia

  • Moscow – 434

Why are some Russian places low testosterone but others high?

Moscow’s testosterone is pretty low. It’s about as low as most of the rest of the world, which has experienced a mysterious decline in testosterone. Moscow has declined too. In 1978, young Russians in Moscow had 747 ng/dl testosterone, which is pretty good. But now testosterone in Moscow seems to be low.

Meanwhile, the vast area of Russia east of the Ural mountains is mostly high testosterone still! From the data that we have, they seem to have maintained the same testosterone levels as they had in the late 70’s.

Sources and Methods

You can see our methods and the data we are using here.

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