What US State Has the Highest Testosterone?

Of the states where we could find data, Alabama seems to have the highest testosterone!

Testosterone varies in different states in the US.

Unfortunately, testosterone in America has been falling since about 1980 and is now at the unhealthy low level of about 420 ng/dl across the country (2013 – 2016) according to the NHANES studies. So none of these states are very high but some are doing a lot better than others!

Testosterone Levels in Each State

Here’s the data, from 2008 or later, adjusted for age by us to reflect what the average for a full age range from 20 to 90 would be.

  1. Auburn, Alabama – 566 ng/dl testosterone
  2. Akwesasne Mohawk Nation, on the border of New York – 502 ng/dl (see further down for NYC)
  3. Gainesville, Florida – 479 ng/dl
  4. Boston, Massachusetts – 455 ng/dl
  5. Spokane, Washington – 430 ng/dl (see further down for Seattle, WA)
  6. University, Mississippi – 429 ng/dl
  7. Aurora, Colorado – 427 ng/dl
  8. Lubbock, Texas – 418 ng/dl
  9. Harrisonburg, Virginia – 410 ng/dl
  10. Norman, Oklahoma – 400 ng/dl
  11. Beverly Hills, California – 397 ng/dl, but these men already had a testosterone related  issue. We wouldn’t have included this data except that we wanted to make clear that other parts of California were likely higher than the low California result seen below. This 397 number could be taken as a number that Beverly Hills is no lower than.
  12. Seattle, Washington – 394 ng/dl
  13. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – 390 ng/dl
  14. Notre Dame, Indiana – 387 ng/dl
  15. Ann Arbor, Michigan – 372 ng/dl
  16. New York City, New York – 348 ng/dl
  17. Stanford, California – 327 ng/dl (age corrected, and further adjusted by us to be like a morning measurement, since this was not done in the morning like the others)
  18. Lawrence, Kansas – 302 ng/dl
  19. Sioux Falls, South Dakota – 290 ng/dl

Note: We removed the data from Rochester, Minnesota as we became aware that the men in the study were pre-screened for conditions which are common in the population and that lower testosterone. So it wasn’t a fair comparison.

Unfortunately, almost all of these states have pretty low testosterone. Alabama and the Mohawk nation are not too low though. But South Dakota and Kansas are extremely low. Does the pesticide use lower testosterone in these very agricultural places?

Another view of testosterone levels across America

Different parts of the USA have different testosterone levels.

Sources of all the data can be found here: Testosterone Data, Methods, and Sources


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